Alexander Technique mindfulness & Chakra Healing relaxation to treat Back Pain & Stress

When you are suffering back pain it can feel like your body and your life is out of your control. You know the way you are living and feeling is having an impact on your back, but you don't know what changes to make or how to make them. Relaxation and mindfulness sound like a solution, but without support, it can be just too hard to make them part of your everyday life...

I know how you feel. This is how I felt when over 10 years ago I started my journey with the Alexander Technique. Luckily for us, the Alexander Technique can teach us how to be lighter, more balanced in body and mind, and free of pain.

I am now fully qualified from a Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique training course and a teaching member of Alexander Technique International. I have also completed supplementary training in Chakra Therapy with senior Alexander Technique teacher Glen Park (author of the Art of Changing).  

Through my training and work with a range of clients including city workers, dancers and mums and babies, I have developed a compassionate, empowering and holistic approach, where I use the gentle, directed touch and mindful thinking of the Alexander Technique to educate people on how to let go of painful patterns of tension and stress and also, when appropriate, offer clients the gentle, energetic touch and meditations of Chakra Healing to help them balance their emotions and grow self-awareness.

I offer Alexander Technique mindfulness classes and Chakra Healing relaxation sessions in Crouch End, Highbury, Walthamstow & Seven Sisters in London. For more information you can book a discounted introductory session or arrange a free telephone consultation with me here or give me a call on 07756567116.


“Emily has a very warm, calming personality and seems to have an intuitive sense of where in the body needs help or attention.”

(Sara Northey, Psychologist, London)

 I am at long last learning to work with my body rather than fight against it with Emily’s expert guidance and help.  I can’t recommend Emily highly enough.”

- (Elizabeth Cash, RBS, London)

Book a discounted introductory session or arrange a free telephone consultation with Emily here or call 07756567116.